Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Persona’

Here, I have reimagined the soundtrack to the opening of ‘Persona’.

WARNING!!! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC ADULT CONTENT (an erect penis, a lamb being slaughtered, entrails, Christ nailed to the cross). If you wish to skip this content, go to 2:09 on the timeline.

Cloud 9 Dream

In ‘Cloud 9 Dream’, I have attempted to convey the feeling of sleeping, dreaming, waking from a dream – a sweet, happy dream – and wanting to return to the comfort of the dreamworld for a while longer before rising to the new day.

Clyde Built

The Hidden History of Glasgow’s Transatlantic Slavers

Flutter Crunch

This track was inspired by the shaman’s journey to communicate with spirits.


I have included this track to help illustrate the diversity of styles that I can produce. This one was inspired by the relentless energy of the Sun.

Deep Field Energy

I had a dream that I discovered a way to accumulate energy from the deep field of outer space using a satellite dish… The basis of this track was recorded with a mic, a delay pedal and feedback from a couple guitar amps. I took different sections of the hour or so of recording I made, layered it up, and heavily manipulated it in Ableton Live. A sprinkling of sounds were generated using my iPad.

Androidia (with Ze Royale)

Androidia is about a gender non-conforming, futuristic goddess who channels ancestral energy to connect with other beings through neurological sex. Lyrics composed and performed by Ze Royale.

I Got You

Vocal: Reggie Watts

Gold Chains (with Ze Royale)

Samples from Pierre Henry’s musique concrète layered with drum’n’bass style beats and thermin-like wailing. Lyrics composed and performed by Ze Royale.

Twin Peaked: the Owls are Watching

I find the soundtrack to Twins Peaks to be deliciously haunting. This is an homage I created inspired by different themes from the various songs used in the series. It is a medley that I made without the use of any sampling of the original material i.e. all from scratch using the sounds that come bundled with Ableton Live and an owl sample from

Another Dark Corner

I made this a couple years ago in the shadow of the night just to see what could be done with the online DAW at I didn’t like the loops that come with Soundation Studio and so only used the synths. I imagined it to be a theme song for a mysterious, retro video game.

Misster Mystery Takes You to Another World in Cosmic Journey

“The way to space-IS OPEN!” proclaimed the famous space traveller astrophysicist Academician Professor Sedikh in 1946 upon his return to Planet Earth. The crew of his spaceship adventurously traversed the distance from Earth to the Moon and back. Even the ship’s cat had a pleasant trip!

The audio featured here is a mixture of samples from multiple Sun Ra tracks that I layered and manipulated to accompany this edit that I made of an old silent Soviet sci-fi movie called ‘Cosmic Journey’ – a journey to the moon and back.